Sting vs. Scott Steiner

Background: This was WCW’s first and only Nitro in Australia. To give the fans something memorable, they put two of the biggest names in WCW in the ring for the show’s main event.



Sydney, Australia

October 7, 2000


Sting vs. Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner – wearing a black mask to protect his broken face – had his favorite freak Midajah by his side. Before the match could start, Jeff Jarrett – who spent the show dressed up as surfer Sting – entered the ring as the special guest referee. Steiner got the jump on Sting as Sting tried to find out how Jarrett became the referee. When the action spilled to the floor, Sting whipped Steiner into the guardrails before attacking Jeff Jarrett. Sting was beating both Jarrett and Steiner. Sting felt everything was going great until Sting went for an Irish whip on Jarrett. Double J turned the maneuver around, sending Sting into Steiner’s belly-to-belly suplex. Sting wasn’t out of this fight yet, kicking out of a blatant fast count.

A real WCW referee came in after Jarrett laid the boots to Sting in the tree of woe, only for Steiner to knock him out. I don’t know what’s going on here. Is Jarrett a real referee or was the other ref too stupid to realize he had a match to call?

Some pushups by Steiner after another suplex brought many boos from the crowd. When Sting tried to turn things around, Steiner mule kicked Sting’s groin. Steiner went full speed ahead into a boot to the face that set up Sting’s Stinger Splash. As Sting went for another Splash, Jarrett stopped him. Right hand from Sting dropped Jarrett as Steiner rolled to the floor. Midajah handed Steiner the Steiner lead pipe, allowing Steiner to whack Sting’s back. An errant Irish whip by Steiner and Jarrett sent Sting past their targeted steel ring steps, so they had to do it again after setting the steps against the ring post.

When Steiner and Jarrett rolled Sting in, Steiner went for the pin. A long two count allowed Ernest Miller to run out with a referee shirt-wearing Booker T. Miller yanked Jarrett to the floor, beating him up the aisle as Booker T. entered the ring. Steiner went for a pin, only to find Booker T. staring at him. Super kick by Booker knocked Steiner right into the clutches of Sting and the Scorpion Death Drop. Sting quickly made the cover, picking up the three count as Nitro abruptly went off the air while the fans screamed loudly.


Winner: Sting (7:04)


Is It A Classic: This is the epitome of WCW’s dying days as you have two capable wrestlers stuck in a match featuring too much shenanigans. Sting and Steiner did what they could do with the time and situation allotted, but it didn’t help make this anymore viewable. Definitely pass this one by if you happen to ever find it.

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