Jerry Lynn vs. Delirious

Background: This was the first match of the first episode in Ring of Honor on HDNet history.


ROH on HDNet

Philadelphia, PA

February 28, 2009


Jerry Lynn vs. Delirious


Both men were hot and heavy in the early going with some mat wrestling. Neither could get a solid advantage until Lynn decided to match speed for speed with the masked man, head scissoring Delirious before hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. When Lynn went for that twist sunset flip out of the corner, Delirious caught him, slamming him face first against the mat. As Lynn rose from the mat, Delirious came flying off the ropes, senton splashing Jerry’s back. After a failed submission, Delirious went for three clotheslines. Lynn stopped him, hitting an inverted Gory bomb for a near fall. Delirious sidestepped the incoming Lynn, sending him face first into the turnbuckles before connecting with the Panic Attack.

Lynn avoided Shadows Over Hell, but couldn’t pin the former member of the Age of the Fall. Delirious recovered, heading to the top. Lynn stopped him, hitting the frankensteiner, followed by the TKO for another near fall. Delirious blocked the Cradle Piledriver, rushing Lynn into the turnbuckles. Delirious tried to splash Lynn, but Jerry moved out of the way, executing the Cradle Piledriver to win the first match in ROH TV history.


Is It A Classic: While it definitely got the new era of Ring of Honor off to a right start, this match isn’t a classic in the sense that this is a must-see match. What you have here is two hardworking wrestlers setting the tone for what this show and ROH is supposed to be. If you watch it, you’ll most likely be thoroughly entertained. But you won’t be thinking about it days after seeing the bout.

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