Jushin Liger vs. El Generico

Background: With the help of Highspots, Pro Wrestling Guerilla was able to showcase a dream card during the fourth “WrestleReunion” event. To show how they were bringing in the big guns, PWG announced the first match for their “Kurt Russellmania” would include “The Generic Luchador” El Generico and Junior Heavyweight legend Jushin “Thunder” Liger in a definitive dream encounter.


Kurt Russellmania

Los Angeles, CA

January 30, 2010


Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs. El Generico


Liger vs. Generico


The battling masked men had a ton of fan support as they circled each other. Showing the agility and leverage of a man half his age, Liger used a head scissors to free himself from an arm bar before tying up Generico until the Japanese legend found himself back on his feet. Generico arm dragged Liger to the floor, with Generico being one step ahead of Liger when Jushin tried to avoid the plancha; only for Generico to use the top rope to back flip into the ring for a big, “Ole!”

Generico allowed Liger to come in, only for Liger to head scissor him to the floor. When Generico turned around, Liger caught him with a pair of boots to the jaw. Capo kick by Liger when the action returned inside. Instead of going for a pin, Liger put Generico in a Mexican surfboard used to set up his camel clutch. Generico refusing to give up made Liger change his tactics by chopping Generico. Sadly, Liger ran into the leg lariat. Generico sent Liger to the floor for a springboard moonsault!

With Liger out on his feet in the ring seconds later, Generico unleashed an onslaught of attacks including the blue thunder bomb and a huge cross body block from the top rope. Generico’s momentum was stopped by the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Generico blocked the frog splash, hitting a yakuza kick seconds later. When Generico went for the Brain Buster, Liger switched positions and hit Generico with his own finisher. Liger and Generico got up swinging for the fences, with Liger German suplexing Generico on the top of his head. Somehow, Generico recovered in time to stop the palm strike with two yakuza kicks. When Generico went for a third yakuza kick, Liger exploded off the ropes with the palm strike … for a two count!

Generico stopped the super brain buster, putting Liger in position for the somersault coast-to-coast dropkick! Generico quickly picked up Liger, executing his Brain Buster … to gain a near fall!

Generico pointed to the top rope in preparation for the top rope Brain Buster. Jushin slipped underneath Generico, hitting the Liger Bomb for his own near fall. With Generico out of it, Liger was able to hit the Brain Buster to finally put Generico down for the three count.


Winner: Jushin “Thunder” Liger (12:30)


Is It A Classic: It might not be a five star match, but Liger and Generico packed a ton of action in just twelve minutes without hurting the story or their standing as fan favorites. Absolutely fantastic match that should be seen.

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