Magnum T.A. vs. Tully Blanchard

Background: Following his feud with Dusty Rhodes, Tully Blanchard found himself involved in rivalry over the U.S. title between himself and Magnum T.A. With the help of his manager, Baby Doll, Blanchard was able to secure the title in the summer. After fighting over the title for months in bloody brawls, the conclusion happened at Starrcade in a Steel Cage match where the only way you could win is by making your opponent say, “I quit!”



Greensboro, NC

November 28, 1985

Tully Blanchard vs. Magnum T.A.



Stern collar & elbow tie up ended with a right hand that dropped Blanchard. Seeing he wouldn’t win a fistfight, Blanchard took this thing to the mat so he could not only ground Magnum, but also claw at his eyes. T.A. got to his feet, firing off right hands to the cheers of the fans. Blanchard ended was stuck between the ropes and the cage. Stopping his head from meeting the steel, the U.S. champion was able to turn the tables and whip Magnum into the cage, cutting his forehead.

Powering out of the rear chin lock didn’t help Magnum, but the press slam into a hotshot did. Using Magnum’s trunks against him, Blanchard whipped Magnum face first into the cage again. T.A. was in a bad way until he slipped behind Blanchard to hammerlock the champion’s arm in a successful effort to whip Tully left arm first into the cage. Not only did the action stun Tully, but also ripped his upper arm open.

Blanchard was the first man to tell the world he didn’t quit. When the tables turned, Magnum also refused to give up. Even after having his head beaten with the microphone, T.A. refused to quit. Blanchard kept the onslaught directed at Magnum’s bleeding head going. Missing an elbow drop, Blanchard left him open for several right hands that put him position to be choked with the microphone as he screamed that he wouldn’t give up.

After raking Magnum’s eyes, Blanchard found himself kneeling and trading punches. As Baby Doll called for Blanchard to fight back, the champion yanked his challenger into an inverted atomic drop. Tully was using the microphone to beat a submission out of Magnum, but the challenger refused to give up. Suddenly, Baby Doll threw a wooden chair into the cage that Blanchard grabbed and broke. Using a jagged piece of the chair’s legs, Blanchard hovered over Magnum in hopes of stabbing him. In a great show of strength and will power, Magnum kicked his way from underneath Blanchard. Quickly attaining the sharp piece of wood, Magnum mounted a stunned Blanchard. Rearing back, the challenger stabbed Blanchard’s forehead until it started pouring blood. Blanchard had no choice but to scream, “I quit! Yes!”


Winner: Magnum T.A. (16:30)


Is It A Classic: If you haven’t seen this match, what is wrong with you? Not only is one of the greatest Cage matches of all time, it’s also one of the best I Quit matches ever. Here you have two men who exude hatred toward each other fight to one sick finish. There’s nothing more that needs to be said than you need to see this match!

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