Lesson From The Giant

All giants are related to Andre the Giant


Andre's Son


During the summer of 1995, a large giant of a man debuted in World Championship Wrestling, confronting Hulk Hogan. The look on Hogan’s face upon encountering this unknown individual was that of someone seeing something reminiscent of a ghost. After weeks of haunting Hogan and WCW as a whole, the aptly named “Giant” fought Hulk Hogan to “win” the WCW World title (“win” is only in quotes because he didn’t win, yet left with the belt). During the build to The Giant’s first bout against “The Hulkster” it was revealed The Giant was actually the son of the late Andre the Giant.

Now, looking at a picture of the future Big Show and Andre, one would have to wonder if there was any legitimacy to this linage. Being the days before Maury Povich gave out paternity results like candy on Halloween, wrestling fans were coerced to think The Giant was actually the son of Andre thanks to The Giant wearing a Andre styled singlet (giving him a reason to face his father’s friend turned nemesis immediately after his on-camera debut). Instead of taking WCW’s attempt at creating something special seriously, “the son of Andre” became a running joke amongst fans. Every person over seven feet tall was considered “Andre’s son”.

So if you ever see a wrestler around or above seven feet tall, no matter how old they are, assume they’re Andre’s spawn. WCW’s greatest minds believed we would, so why can’t someone else?

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