Lesson From The Hardyz

Extreme Isn’t a Mood, it’s a Lifestyle


Hardy Boyz Fly


In the late 1990s, two young siblings from North Carolina had the chance to fight men two times their size and three times as mean … while wearing tights featuring mass amounts of daisies. After joining forces with a certified wrestling legend, the aforementioned North Carolinians, Matt and Jeff Hardy, transformed themselves, their attires and their attitudes. No better display of their mental transformation occurred during a pay-per-view event where the two brothers took on another duo in the first two-on-two Ladder match in WWF/E history. The tandem battle was a war that saw both teams defy death in acts of bravery/craziness.

As the years progressed, The Hardyz (as they liked to be referred to) upped the ante with each opportunity to put their bodies at risk for glory. Matt and Jeff went flying off ladders, crashed through tables, and got bashed in the heads with chairs. While others claimed the actions of Jeff and Matt was acts insanity, the tag team claimed they were just the next stage in the evolution of “extreme” sports; proclaiming that, “Extreme isn’t a mood, it’s a lifestyle!”

The previous quote became a creed, a motto for all of those individuals looking to do things above and beyond the call of duty for the sake of each sport they loved. For The Hardyz, it was professional wrestling. So now you understand whenever you’re in the mood to jump off of a ladder, scream to the top of your lungs before leg dropping a fool, or paint yourself up like the Green Goblin even though it’s March, you’re not crazy, but living the extreme lifestyle.

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