Life Lesson From Sid

You Might Only Have One Chance to Get it Right


Sycho Sid Nodding


“Sycho” Sid has been called many things by wrestlers and wrestling fans alike. For some, Sid was an underachiever who could’ve reached unprecedented heights as a giant of a man able to choke slam and power bomb his way to victory after victory if not for his penchant for softball and a supposed bad attitude. Others have said the opposite when talking about Sid as he wasn’t the most proficient grappler in the world, but used his talents to make it further than most in wrestling ever could. But there’s one thing everyone agrees on when talking about Sid – the man has an impressive blooper reel when it comes to talking.

During a live WWF pay-per-view broadcast, commentator Jim Ross had the opportunity to interview. The big man from Arkansas seemingly forgot his current situation as he fumbled over his words before nonchalantly stating, “Let me do this again,” before being informed by his interviewer that there was no going back – this was live TV! Sid quickly ended his interview before walking off with a disgusted look on his face. In truth, Sid showed the viewing audience a true life lesson thanks to his “failure”: there are times in life when you only have one chance to do it right; be it during a job interview, asking out that potential special someone or cutting a wrestling promo in front a live audience who can’t believe you just asked for a retake.

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