Necro Butcher vs. Brodie Lee

Background: Jimmy Jacobs, needing a brawler in his Age of the Fall faction, hired “Big Rig” Brodie Lee to fight the group’s original enforcer, Necro Butcher


The French Connection
Montreal, Canada


Necro Butcher vs. Brodie Lee


Necro Butcher vs Brodie Lee


“Big Rig” Brodie Lee jumped the Age of the Fall alumnus before the bell could ring, leveling him with a chain. Necro fought it, choking Lee with his own bandana. They were slugging it out when ROH World champion Nigel McGuinness entered the broadcast booth. Nigel was doing some scouting on Butcher as they were scheduled to face off the next night. Necro Butcher used his somersault senton off the apron to drop Lee before slinging him into the barricades. Necro tried to slam Lee on the unprotected floor, but ended up getting slammed against the steel ring post, then the floor. Necro Butcher was clutching his knee after the slam.
Lee continued to work Butcher over after he pushed Necro back into the ring. Necro Butcher broke free from the always-dangerous bear hug, going for a slam after reversing an Irish whip into the corner. Butcher’s back gave out, sending “Big Rig” on top of him. Necro was able to avoid a knee drop, unleashing a slew of hooks to the head; ending with a body slam. Necro used the punch/chop combo in the corner before bulldogging Lee. Butcher grabbed a chair, even though this wasn’t a No Disqualification match. Before Butcher could use the chair, Age of the Fall members Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black ran to the ring; taking Butcher down. Lee used his chain to clothesline Butcher before choking him with it. They finished off this beating by hanging Necro over the top rope with the chain. Necro Butcher was declared the official winner due to outside interference.


Winner: Necro Butcher (7:42)


Is It A Classic: That was just getting good when it ended. Knowing where they were going and to see it end so quickly leaves a sour taste in my mouth, even if was meant to advance a storyline.

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