Portia Perez vs. Allison Danger

Background: At Volume 20, Portia Perez injured the left shoulder of Allison Danger. Two Volumes later, Perez tried to hurt the pregnant Danger in unspeakable ways. Thankfully, before Perez could complete her goal, referees tackled her. At the next Volume, Perez and Danger – who had her child by then – got into a locker room emptying brawl. Danger thought she’d get some revenge in a No DQ match at Vol. 24, but the numbers game proved too much when Matthews interfered. Instead of being satisfied with a win at Vol. 24, Perez used a belt to choke Allison out on Vol. 25. Four Volumes later, Perez added insult to injury by spitting in Danger’s face before super kicking Allison into unconsciousness.


SHIMMER Volume 30

Berwyn, IL

April 10, 2010


Portia Perez vs. Allison Danger



No introductions in this one as Danger rushed the ring to attack the already entered Perez. Attaining a belt from one of the fans, Allison lost her advantage when Perez kicked the belt out of Allison’s hands before snap marring Danger after wrapping the belt around Danger’s neck. Perez was having a great time choking Danger with the belt and her boot. Danger rallied to her feet, slapping the taste out of Portia’s mouth. With one well-placed boot, Perez dropped Danger once again. Allison turned the tides, forearming Perez to the floor when Portia went for a springboard maneuver. Grabbing the belt, Allison whipped Perez’s back with that fan’s belt. Looking at the crowd, Danger decided it was time to take this battle to the people. Portia tasted the bar counter prior to Danger slamming Perez on the merchandise table.

Perez had to poke Danger in the eyes to gain some breathing room. Dragging the steel ring steps beside the guardrails, Perez dove over the barricades, cross body blocking Danger into the front row chairs. The action returned to ringside, with Portia slamming Danger face first against the steel ring post. This attack opened a cut above Danger’s left eyebrow that Perez felt could be worse if she kept punching and biting it. Danger had enough of Perez’s insults, spitting in Portia’s face. Perez responded with a kneeling super kick that put Danger on her back. Somehow, Danger made it to her feet before the referee’s five count, actually catching the running Portia with an STO.

Before Danger could follow up, Nicole Matthews, with chair in hand, ran to ringside. After sliding the chair in, Nicole got into a fight with Jennifer Blake. Blake super kicked Nicole, dragging her to the back after Portia super kicked Danger. Danger rolled to the floor, giving Perez the chance to go for a baseball slide. Danger caught Perez’s incoming legs, swinging Portia into the Lovelace Choker on the floor!

When the action returned inside, Danger unleashed a STO-Old School Expulsion combination on Perez against the chair Nicole slid in. As Perez struggled to her feet, Danger dared Portia to get up. At the ref’s eight count, Perez’s body gave out, allowing Danger to win this violent rivalry.


Winner: Allison Danger (14:57)


Is It A Classic: The key to having a great LMS or LWS match is simple: bring the hatred. And with over a year of story and animosity, Danger and Perez brought more hatred than anything you could’ve imagined and produced a SHIMMER wrestling great in the process.

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