Prom – Part Three

Last Time: Finding myself dateless for my senior prom, I made the decision whether or not to go alone.


I had been sad over going to prom all-alone for far too long. Beside me sat friends and classmates alike who spent too much time ignoring their dates that were simply looking to dance. In front of me were girls either looking for their dates or for someone to dance with them. I realized that I could be that “someone”. Moving from my seat on the couch, I approached the dance floor.

Only a few minutes earlier, one of my tenth grade Biology classmates was crowned Prom Queen. I stood in awe of this beautiful girl having her moment in the spotlight, under the giant disco ball. It was time for me to join her and people like her in that spotlight (and under that disco ball). I gazed around, seeing some of my female friends doing their best to enjoy themselves without the dates they came with. They were having a disappointing time, too. I had to make them feel better. I had to make myself feel better.

Grabbing two girls I knew by their respective left and right hands, I led them to the stage being used for absolutely nothing. As the music blasted (I honestly can’t remember what song it was), I became the meat in this girl sandwich. Just as I had hoped, the spotlight moved to focus on us. The giant smile accenting my face didn’t leave even when our principle ordered us off the stage.

The girls and I all laughed as we danced our way off the stage to a room full of cheers. After getting a big hug from my dance partners, I went to walk back to the “wallflower” room. Before I could step over the threshold between the rooms, I felt someone grab my right wrist. One of my Senior English classmates wanted to dance now. When I asked where her date was – a cool guy who I knew from my Chemistry class – she just shrugged her shoulders and lightly dragged me back onto the dance floor. I stayed on that floor for a good hour and a half, dancing with every lady who wanted a real partner for the evening. I even got a couple of slow dances in.

When it seemed like my night was winding down, and 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” started roaring out, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to find a fellow senior who I had known since our freshman year. She was always very friendly to me and her smile could brighten anyone’s day.

As I stood in front of her thinking she wanted a dance, she leaned in close and whispered, “I’ve always liked you.”

I had no chance to verbally react before she kissed me. Then I kissed her.

About a half an hour later, I headed home thanks to my friend James Crabtree and his date. I entered my house, recounting in my head the disappointment I felt only a few days earlier when I thought going by myself would be the worst decision I could make. Shockingly, not trying to replace Serena proved to be the best decision. Though I’ve had some great moments in my life since, prom night still ranks high as a night I’ll never forget.

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