Rick & Morty Season 3 Life Lessons: Episode 3

There are very few things stronger than the bond between a grandfather and his grandchild; but usually that relationship isn’t based around the pair traveling through multiple dimensions, killing aliens, and the elder generally not giving squanch. Over the course of two seasons and now a third so much life-changing information has been bestowed upon the world for those really hoping to become better (or maybe worst) people. Wubba lubba dub dub, it’s time to learn some “Rick & Morty” life lessons!


You Should Always Let the Pickle Go



For anyone not considered eccentric & having the knowledge of pickle transformation the thought of becoming a vegetable sounds like a ridiculous idea; but not when you’re scheduled to attend a school-ordered family therapy session due to the fact your granddaughter has been found huffing enamel and your grandson peed his pants in history class – so is the life of Rick Sanchez. In Rick’s latest attempt to free himself from the shackles of being a figurehead for his obviously emotionally damaged family his actions (turning himself into a pickle and not coming up with more than one serum) easily take a turn for the worst when his limbless form is batted around by a cat and knocked into the sewers running throughout his apparent hometown and beyond. But unlike other creatures dwelling in the stinky depths, Rick’s consciousness and ability to create ties perfectly into his love of destroying anything posing a physical threat and blocking him from his goal – in this case getting to the therapy session because the serum to turn him back into a human was taken by his daughter in an act of near childish rebellion when he obviously lied to her in regards to his reasoning for pickling.



Creating an exoskeleton out of cockroach and eventually rat limbs courtesy of complicated traps, uncanny fighting IQ, and parkour, Rick is able to find an exit from his sewer prison … to arrive in a foreign government building featuring action movie cliché villains (including a glasses-wearing, mostly monotone-talking man of great power who would rather shoot his own men to escape than take on his adversary face-to-face) who refuse to let this pickle-rat amalgamation leave even when he just keeps slaughtering guards. Even the power of an imprisoned killing machine known simply as “Jaguar” isn’t enough to stop “The Pickle Man” in his quest to leave (seriously, Pickle Rick even asks nicely to leave before everything goes to hell). By the episode’s end, Rick accomplishes his goal of attaining freedom from both his unexpected adversaries (be it trained killers, rats or even the cat that sent him on his journey) and his pickled form while denouncing everything some wordy therapist has to say about him and his daughter who spent the entirety of her therapy session with Summer & Morty denouncing everything being stated about her shortcomings as a mother and even as a daughter.



Always remember that when a pickle man is running around your office building rocking rat limbs and begging to be let go just give the pickle what it wants; it’ll save you a lot of trouble and a lot of stupid guards’ lives.



Mini Lessons: Science takes brains, magic takes dark eyeliner; if everyone could turn themselves into pickles they would (but they can’t); just because your family sucks and you get high doesn’t mean the two things are connected; don’t be a cow, be a pickle (when you feel like it); you are the master of your own universe; therapists, right?


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