Sting vs. Brother Ray vs. Brother Devon vs. Kurt Angle

Background: During the then-ongoing war between The Main Event Mafia featuring TNA World Heavyweight champion Sting & top contender Kurt Angle and the TNA-defending Frontline Team 3D all did battle in the main event of TNA’s February pay-per-view event with the World title on the line.


Against All Odds

Orlando, FL

February 9, 2009


Sting vs. Brother Ray vs. Brother Devon vs. Kurt Angle



Promo videos and boxing style in-ring intros for everyone to stress the importance of this one. Kurt and Sting paired together to face off with Team 3D. Angle didn’t like the idea, so Team 3D jumped them before Ray squared off with Sting on the floor as Devon shoulder tackled Angle. Lou Thesz press on Angle by Devon. 3D double shoulder blocked Angle before Devon went for the pin. Ray did the same after 3D clotheslined Sting. Angle jumped Ray from behind when it appeared 3D were going to face off. 3D did the doe-see-doe to turn an Irish whip against the Mafia members. Ray decided to take the fall for Devon, but Angle broke up the pin in fury. 3D double flapjack on Sting after they pitched Angle to the floor. Devon decided it was his turn to take it to Ray, leading to an exchange of shoulder blocks. Team 3D slammed each other, going all Road Warrior by jumping right up after their respective series of attacks. This moment of homage allowed Sting and Angle to jump the brothers from behind. I’ve always wondered if Team 3D’s daddy was white, black, or mixed, because his kids came out two very different shades. And don’t say it was because of dominant genes on the mother’s side … my bad – back to the match instead of worrying about illogical wrestling instances.

Ray got knocked into the front row, almost falling on a little girl. Dixie Carter was stuck between Ray and Sting in the front row as Devon choked Angle with a camera cable. When the action returned to the ring, Sting put Devon in the Scorpion Deathlock as Angle used the Ankle Lock on Ray. Ray broke free, kicking Angle into Sting to free himself and Devon. Team 3D took advantage of this, leveling the Mafia boys before using some submissions of their own. Angle was bleeding from his right eyebrow from the collision as Devon tried to make him tap in the Boston crab. Ray also had a figure four leg lock on Sting, which gave Angle the chance to pin Sting when he got free of Devon’s grip. Angle used an enzuguri to send Ray outside, leading to a confrontation between Sting and Angle. Angle quickly went after Sting’s left leg. Sting took it all, fighting back before executing the Stinger Splash. Angle recovered, Ankle Locking Sting. Before Sting could tap, Team 3D knocked Angle down. Sting got up, clotheslining 3D before taking the Angle Slam. Angle ran after Devon, but ended up getting slammed. High uranage on Devon by Ray after Devon’s failed pin on Angle. Angle stopped Ray’s pin, pitching Sting out of the ring before punching Devon. Ray got underneath Angle, allowing 3D to hit the Doomsday Device on Angle for a pin that was broken up by Sting. Sting prevented the 3D, belly to back suplexing Ray after kicking Devon away. Sting missed the Stinger Splash. Before 3D could use the Wazzup on Sting, Angle ran up the ropes; arm dragging Devon across the ring. Angle pulled the straps down, forgetting about Ray, who clotheslined him to the floor. Before Ray could turn around, Sting used the Scorpion Death Drop on him. Three seconds later, and Sting was still the TNA World champion.


Winner: Sting (14:44)


Is It A Classic: This was a solid match – something perfect for TV, but not as a pay-per-view main event.

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