Syxx vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Background: Two weeks earlier, Rey Mysterio Jr. found the numbers advantage in favor of the New World Order was too much to overcome when battling Syxx for the Cruiserweight Championship. This was Mysterio’s rematch.


Monday Nitro

Lakeland, FL

May 5, 1997


Syxx vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.  



Sadly for the masked challenger, Syxx had Scott Hall and Kevin Nash backing him up, keeping the referee’s attention before the bell even rang so Syxx could pull a Pearl Harbor job with a spin kick that slammed Mysterio’s face against the top turnbuckle. With Nash and Hall “following” the referee’s order, Syxx gladly stomped Mysterio in position for the broncobuster. Rey got his boot up at the last second, kicking the flying champion low before punching him in the face. The fans were going wild as Mysterio mounted the champion prior to dropkicking the interfering seconds. But with the referee not having eyes in the back of his head and trying to get Nash off the apron, he couldn’t see Hall clobber Mysterio and execute the Outsider’s Edge. Syxx immediately cinched in the Buzzkiller (a crossface chicken wing) to choke out his opponent for the victory.


Winner: Syxx (0:57)


Is It A Classic: Wow, that was disappointing. It’s understandable why it happened as you can’t give away everything for free, but the “New World Order numbers game” really hurts the quality of potential matches in hindsight.

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