Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne vs. Tony Atlas & Andre The Giant

Background: The Rat Pack and Mid-South Tag Team champions Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne took it upon themselves to challenge everyone in the territory. Who better to take up the challenge than the international duo of “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas & Andre The Giant?


Mid-South Wrestling

February 1983


Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne vs. Tony Atlas & Andre The Giant


Andre The Giant vs Ted DiBiase Mid-South


When Ted DiBiase saw his partner getting his hide handed to him, he entered the ring to attempt a double team. Blind tag by Andre allowed the big man to enter and knock both champions out of the ring to a big ovation. It seemed like the champions were about to be defeated quickly when Atlas reentered as the legal man. Getting a knee up following the Irish whip into the corner, DiBiase was able to hit Tony rather low out of the ref’s line of sight. The champions isolated Atlas, only to forget the stereotypical myth that the African American’s head is too hard to be hurt by a top turnbuckle. The challengers took control once again thanks to Ted’s errant maneuver. Borne tagged in via a fleeing, punching the referee accidentally while trying to knock down Atlas. Things were breaking down as The Rat Pack’s Hacksaw Jim Duggan entered the ring to put Andre in position for DiBiase’s loaded right-gloved punch to the mouth. But The Giant didn’t go down upon impact. Skandar Akbar called out Kamala to bash Andre with a 2×4 when he realized normal means wouldn’t stop The Giant. Andre was finally down when wood smacked his body, but Kamala wasn’t done. “The Ugandan Giant” wanted to slam Andre as well; and did just that as the referee called for the bell to disqualify the champs.


Winner: Tony Atlas & Andre The Giant (6:50)


Is It A Classic: A wild encounter, yet very short in nature. More of a storyline advancement moment than a memorable match.

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