The Bladerunners vs. Ken Massey & John O’Reilly

Background: Through the greatness of Eddie Gilbert, two future superstars in wrestling made their Mid-South Wrestling debuts in the form of The Bladerunners Sting & Rock.


Mid-South Wrestling

Oklahoma City, OK

March 1989


The Bladerunners vs. Ken Massey & John O’Reilly



“Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert introduced Sting (pre-surfer) and the future “Ultimate Warrior” (Rock). O’Reilly went running to his partner after Sting slammed and punched him around, only for Massey to take a clothesline courtesy of Sting before feeling the power of Rock when he was gorilla press slammed not once, but twice. Big splash from Sting ended this one in quick fashion.


Winner: The Bladerunners (1:49)


Is It A Classic: A squash is a squash. But it was cool to see the humble beginnings of Sting and The Ultimate Warrior.

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