The Hart Foundation vs. The Killer Bees

Background: Two of the most athletically gifted tag teams of the time do battle in the WWF’s most important arena as The Hart Foundation took on The Killer Bees.


WWF In Madison Square Garden

New York, NY

February 17, 1986


The Hart Foundation vs. The Killer Bees



Surprisingly, the powerhouse in Jim Neidhart started this one off for his team, shoving around Jim Brunzell with ease. “The Anvil” was laughing any time “Jumpin’” failed to knock him down. Getting too cocky for his own good, Jim Neidhart ran into a drop toe hold that Brunzell used to drag “The Anvil” to the wrong part of town so The Killer Bees could make a wish. The legal B. Brian Blair kept Neidhart grounded by sticking to Brunzell’s strategy by going after the large legs of his opposition. Bret Hart almost fell into the ring trying to tag in, but had to use an illegal leg drop to save his partner from the figure four leg lock. The Hart Foundation’s manager Jimmy Hart was mouthing off with the megaphone as Hart set up an illegal choke via the tag rope by “The Anvil”. Like his opponents, Hart utilized holds to keep his opponent on the canvas. Hart made a big mistake going for the big elbow drop when Blair moved at the last second. Tagging out to a house of fire that was Brunzell didn’t help The Killer Bees as Blair watched his partner get kneed in the back by Hart when “Jumpin’” came off the ropes.

It was all The Hart Foundation yet again as Neidhart used a bearhug to set up his partner’s elbow drop. Consistent tags by The Hart Foundation after landing big maneuvers were only the precursor to Neidhart pitching Brunzell to the floor for a big slam from “The Hitman” that saw “Jumpin’” collide with the unprotected concrete floor. Double team shoulder ram from The Hart Foundation almost sent Brunzell through the top & middle turnbuckles. Breaking free from the side headlock after stopping a pin attempt, Brunzell landed a dropkick that almost turned the tides in The Killer Bees’ favor. “The Anvil” stopped Brunzell’s advancement to Triple B, forcing “Jumpin’” to fight & avoid another double team shoulder ram to finally tag out.

Right hands aplenty were coming from Blair as the red-hot crowd erupted even more. Frustrated, Neidhart accidentally hit his own partner – giving Blair the chance to cinch in the abdominal stretch. Things were breaking down as The Killer Bees whipped their opponents into each other for a two count. Hart had to use a handful of tights to save himself from the roll up, but couldn’t avoid the dropkick that followed. Before Blair could get the pin, the bell sounded to declare this was a time-limit draw.


Winner: Draw (20:00)


Is It A Classic: Man, what a fun little doozy between two of the best teams of their generation. This is a great example of why many consider the 1980s as the golden age of tag team wrestling. Even with the ending this one was incredibly satisfying.

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