The Mask

Without wearing any mask we are conscious of, we have a special face for each friend.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


The “people wear masks” analogy has been used time and time again, but it still rings true for so many individuals. A person might put on his or her mask to attain employment (sounding and looking like the perfect candidate), help initiate a relationship. People go as far as to act a certain way because it’s been instilled in them that the world will only accept you by doing “A” or “B”. But there are others who have no choice but to put on their mask; not because of an attempt at success, but because they refuse to let an inner darkness creep into their daily routine.

Personal tragedies such as losing a loved one can make an individual do one of two things: crumble under the pressuring and, at times, unexpected weight, or push on while hiding the pain from others that rocks the very foundation of his/her soul. Option two usually sees the person putting on the mask of fake smiles, laughs and a demeanor the people around them have become accustomed to in an effort to avoid the mental anguish that still sits with them at every hour of every day. In truth, the action of wearing this “mask” is highly commendable as it is dangerous. During his/her attempt at shielding everyone from their inner anguish, the person gives a chance for the pain to live on and fester; thus corrupting its caretaker in the process.

Little by little, time, hopefully, helps take away the need for the mask; with the poison attached to the “item” being removed as well. And when that day comes when you refuse to wear what has covered your face for what seems like far too long, you’ll finally understand what you’ve been hiding from the world and what has been hiding in you.

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