Why The Zimmerman Verdict Doesn’t Make Sense

Less than twenty-four hours after the George Zimmerman trial’s verdict was announced, Michael Stickings wrote an article for Alan Colmes’ “Liberaland” website about how the verdict made sense. In response, Jim Bullock wrote his own article to express an opposing view to Mr. Stickings’ opinion. 




Your analysis is a clinical one that does not include the subtle racism that brews all to often in the minds of many whites or non-blacks when they observe a young black man. Zimmerman apparently is missing something psychologically or else he would have been a real policeman by the age of 28. No police force wanted him. I believe Zimmerman set out to prove himself that he was as tough as the black “theys” that always get away.  He projected his image of hatred onto Trayvon Martin and made it his mission that this “one” would not get away, despite the police dispatcher saying, “You don’t need to do that.”

This paranoid individual Zimmerman stalked Trayvon. If a fight did occur and when he found that his martial arts training wasn’t enough, Zimmerman pulled his gun and murdered this young man. It was a case of self-defense, but the self-defense was Trayvon’s and unfortunately he didn’t have a gun! If Zimmerman accidentally hit someone with a vehicle and killed that person, he likely would have been be charged with and convicted of manslaughter. Yet, this wannabe cop stalked and killed a teenager not suspected of any crime and now walks away free; claiming self-defense for something that he caused!

No, I do not agree with your analysis that the verdict makes sense. It makes absolutely no sense and it is indeed a travesty of justice that a young person, regardless of race, can be stalked and killed for no other reason than he fits the “profile” in the mind of a law enforcement reject. Then that killer goes free with not so much as a slap on the wrist!


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